'Who we are is how we work'


My work is influenced by

  1. Co-owning and running multi £m businesses and advising large corporations
  2. Psychotherapy and its ability to achieve secure behaviour change
  3. Doing a lot of different things, a lot of different ways, over a long time
  4. 7 years as a special forces trained soldier
  5. Somatic psychology and Paradoxical thinking


I like

  1. Working with the mindsets, habits and beliefs driving behaviours
  2. Uncovering unconscious processes
  3. Combining the personal with the professional 
  4. Being 'model agnostic', using what works best for any given situation
  5. Finding and partnering with the best talent there is 



Results that surprise, delight and stick



Combine data, intuition, hard work and common sense  

Use the fact that history creates trajectory to shape better futures


"Jeremy is a superb professional. He is an energetic and intuitive business partner. He listens to others and evaluates their advice before acting, and he has a talent for sound analysis and effective execution"

Andrew Hawkins - CEO ComRes