'Potato Theory'

Providing more than is expected, or asked for, creates cohesive forces in human relationships.

Why 'One Size Fits All' Solutions Are Attractive, But Flawed

Many of the coaching 'methodologies', or 'techniques' are based on the proposition that they can solve many, if not all, of the multitude of problems challenging individuals and groups of people in organisations. In truth, the reverse is true.

'Integrated Coaching'

Integrated Coaching is coaching that works equally with the personal and professional influences on performance - because who we are is how we work, and challenges are always personal as well as professional.

The 'Inside Out' Organisation

Those that communicate who they actually are, rather than trying to become and then communicate what they think consumers and stakeholders want them to be, are 'Inside Out' organisations, because that is the direction from which they work.

Timing Creates Conflict

Conflicts of timing are at the bottom of many conflicts that can seem to be about other things.

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