'PIG' Problems Surround Us

'Propensity for Instant Gratification' problems surround us. A key struggle for strategists is to get value attached to the reality that good strategies take time to grow.

'Human Resources' or 'Human Equity'?

The term 'Human Resources' says all the wrong things about working with people; and words are powerful in shaping beliefs and attitudes. Is 'Human Equity' a sensible replacement? It seems to be a closer reflection of what many in progressive HR are trying to achieve.

HR 2.0

HR 2.0 is a phrase for the next evolution of working with people in organisations - Where high touch activities dominate and the term 'Human Resources' is no longer used

Left Field Thinking

Information that arises seemingly out of nowhere and is of value precisely because that is where it has come from.

'Behavioural Professional Development' - Professional Development based on changing subconscious behaviour

A method of professional development that acknowledges that the underlying, subconscious beliefs and habits that characterise and shape human professional behaviour and development are more powerful than the conscious, cognitive ones. It challenges the traditional theory that people change or improve professionally after deliberative, logical and conscious evaluation of choices and options.

Subjective Management and Leadership

This is the process of trusting that who we are and what we know is enough to make good decisions and lead well. 'How to' books only confuse and dilute.

Connective Intelligence

The better the human connections in an organisation, the greater the ability to find superior solutions and maintain competitve advantage.

Perception is strong and sight weak.

In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things - Miyamoto Musashi, 1584-1645. Most of the time, if we are successful, we are creating 'new' ideas in ways that are deeply consistent with the very old.

Complexity, Simplicity and Trust

Most organisations value the ability to create and manage complexity. Most customers and staff value simplicity. Simplicity requires trust.


Knowing what must not change in any given transition is as important as knowing what must.

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