Pioneers break boundaries

You can't do something different without breaking a boundary, while much of large scale business is about creating conformity, standardisation and compliance.

Five Strategic Questions

Where have we come from. Where are we now. Where are we therefore heading. Where do we want to be heading. If different, how do we move from the former to the latter.

'Change' is now the status quo

Instead of being experts in Change Programmes, perhaps we should become masters of instability, uncertainty and ongoing change.

'We aren't broken, we are unfinished'.

There is a tendency, in professional development work, to see the work as finding and fixing what is broken in people. I find the belief that we are unfinished, rather than broken, to be a more accurate and effective way of working.

With strategy, taking time is time efficient

When we rush our strategic thinking and planning we almost invariably take more time dealing with the consequences of doing so - easier said than done, when value is placed on speed in all things, as it is today.

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