Honesty with ourselves; harder and more important than with others?

According to University of Massachusetts psychologist Robert Feldman, 60% of people, i.e. us, lie during a typical 10-minute conversation and that they, i.e. we, average two to three lies during that short timeframe. I suspect that the same is true for the degree to which we lie to ourselves. Perhaps to lie to others we have to first lie to ourselves.

Purpose amplifies performance

Purpose in individuals and teams is a key determinant of connection and capability. It's absence is depressing, its presence is galvanising.

'Team Development' is undervalued

While good leaders provide inspiration and direction, it is their teams that deliver them. Team development is as important as leadership development, and possibly more so.

Connections create capability

It is the quality of connections between people, and between people and their purpose, teams and organisations, that drives capability and performance.

Integrated Professional Development creates more data and deeper results

Because who we are is how we work, being able to work equally with the personal and the professional, the past and the future, the conscious and unconscious data, generates more information to bring into the present; and thereby bring about deeper, more effective and more secure change.

The Gravity of Habit

Habits are hard to break, very hard, and often part of the reason why 70% of change programmes fail.

Fear can create fame in the same way that fame can create fear.

As we climb the mountain of our lives, are we fearful of falling, being overtaken or not reaching the top? Do we seek the summit for what we can then see or who can then see us? It matters less which of these, or other, reasons fits for us, than it does for us to know something about them.

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