Strategic Thinking and Planning

Complicated definition - The ‘Objective’ is known and the resources with which to accomplish it are identified.  The rest i.e. how you are going to go about it is ‘strategy’.


Objective = what do you want to achieve?

Strategy = in what way are we going to go about this?

Tactics = how are we going to implement that ‘way’ in order to achieve the objectives?


‘Simpler’ definition – ‘There is no point in running if you are on the wrong road’.   German saying.


Objective and tactics are the ‘What are we trying to do and what with’.  Strategy connects those pieces to the people delivering and receiving the strategy.


Strategies all involve people doing something different.  That involves learning and behaviour change.  To learn something new something has to be unlearned and transition/uncertainty tolerated/managed/anticipated.


Strategy is larger in perspective than plans or tactics, but subservient to the objective. 


A good strategy will help shape a plan and evolve it appropriately.  It is the anchor point in shifting winds and tides.  Good strategies are strong enough to endure and flexible enough to change.



Strategy looks for the wider perspective, the context and what is below the surface.  Creating a strategy requires creating a state of mind in those the strategy sets out to influence.

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