'Brick Wall' or 'Camp Fire' Type Organisation?

Brick walls help build structures. Camp fires stimulate a desire to connect and co-operate.

Business science and managements tend to emphasise 'brick wall' type structural solutions to the challenges of growth, recruitment, retention and scale.

Most peoples response to brick walls is to either want to escape or rebel.

At the same time consumers, staff and other stakeholders are tending to want more of the 'camp fire' in their lives.

'Brick wall' business beliefs are built on the basis that people are predictable and linear in their actions. We aren't. We are complex, asymmetrical and unpredictable.

In the same way that a fire grows, sparks, flickers and subsides, so we vary in our thoughts, feelings and actions - wherever we are and whatever we are doing.

The inherent 'risk' of a camp fire, if you are a brick wall fan, is that people can come and go as they please. One of the consequences of the internet is the way it grows in people their sense of autonomy and independence; they only have to stay on any bit of it for as long as they want.

That attitude is growing. Companies that try to over 'control or contain' are probably going to compete less well than those that can grow their camp fire capability, while retaining only enough brick walls as are strictly necessary.

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