Personal Lives Affect Professional Performance

When a racing stable has a winning horse, every detail regarding that horses feed, health, stable, sadle, jockey, psychology etc are attended to in order to keep that horse winning. 

In elite sport we pay careful attention to the psychology of winning and therefore the frame of mind of the athletes; in recognition of the fact that the better they feel the better they tend to do.

However, in business the typical mind set is to 'leave your personal life at the office door'.

This ignores the reality that what happens in our personal life has an impact on our performance.  The more significant the events, the greater the impact on performance.

Whatever the reason for a temporary dip in performance, such as bereavement, relationship difficulties, excess alchohol use, drug addiction, difficulty with children etc, steps can be taken to address the issue professionally and thereby reduce the time over which it impacts negatively on work.

Progressive organisations already recognise this and provide appropriate resources to support staff accordinlgy.  Those that do this are likley to have better retention and recruitment, as well as lower losses from temporary performance reduction, than those organisations that do not.

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