Learning About Ourselves - A Cultural Taboo That Limits Professional & Organisational Development

Huge efforts go into understanding our colleagues and consumers.  Yet the most important and powerful information we can get is about oursleves.

We are moving on from the 'Information' to the 'Relationship' economy.  The most important information is becoming how we relate to others; that is driven by how we relate to ourselves.

Information is ubiquitous, linear and its collection and manipulation is reaching a place where it is hard to maintain any competitive advantage for any appreciable period of time. 

Relationships are the new economic engine.  Relationships are what all humans want and need.  They drive almost all behaviour.

Understanding and becoming skilled at developing long term and satisfying relationships with colleagues, stakeholders and consumers, and doing so with integrity and without manipulation, is a powerful positive competitive differentiator.

To improve how we relate to others requires better understanding how we relate to ourselves.  This is the final logical destination of the knowledge economy express.

Professional development programmes that understand this, and know what to do with it, will be key aspects of prosperous organisations; because they will be enabling people to become better at what they do through insight into who they are and how they can best use themselves.

We just have to get over the inhibitions about learning more about ourselves.

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